I was having a lot of problems with the default mounted antenna of my Oregon Scientific WMR-200
Weatherstation. This resulted in not receiving the temperature sensor. The distance between my temperature sensor and the receiver is aprox. 20 meters (line of sight) but this was enough to allow interference stop receiving the signal for a long time (usually all night)

You can see that in some historical records

2015-07-05 00_00_09-Stadspolders Dordrecht, NL Weekly weather summary








2015-07-05 00_01_07-Stadspolders Dordrecht, NL Current Weather Conditions


This resulted in a lot of N/A readings.

Today I have removed the original antenna from my WMR-200 and I have mounted a new antenna with a better gain. Since the signal is tranmitted over 433.92 Mhz I ordered an antenna that is suitable for this job.





So, i will tell you what materials I used for this little modification.

1 x High gain antenna (suitable for 433.92 Mhz) (Diamond RH9541S)

1 x SMA Male to SMA Female RG316 Cable

1 x Solderering Iron

1 x Little piece of wire

A little bit of Teflon tape (or other tape)

First you very gently remove the plastic front cover. I used a screw driver. The front cover is glued and the screws to open the device are under the front cover. Make sure you remove all cables and batteries before you start on your project!

When the front cover is removed, use a little cross tip screw driver to remove the screws. Once they are removed you can very gently use a straight blade screwdriver to separate the cover from the bottom.

A little note of warning. There are very tiny wires connecting the front with the back-plane.  So be very very gentle opening the cover in order not to break them. I wasn’t too gentle and I had 2 wires disconnected 🙂 .. so I had to use my soldering iron to fix them again.

Now you see the little antenna fixed by two brackets. Remove the brackets and use the iron to remove the wire. Now the antenna is removed.

Now you can insert the SMA Male to SMA female wire through the hole. I used some TEFLON tape around the connector to give it a bit more body. This way I could use the brackets to fixate it again.

I inserted a connector pin (but you probably can cut the coax and soldern it to the point where the original antenna was mounted) to connect the new antenna.

Now gently close the cover again and re-insert the batteries.

Enjoy 🙂

2015-07-05 00_19_49-2015-07-04 23.37.59 - Windows Photo Viewer


2015-07-05 00_22_40-2015-07-04 23.33.30

2015-07-05 00_24_11-2015-07-04 23.33.10

2015-07-05 00_31_06-antenna Picture - More Detailed Diamond Antenna RH 9