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The effect of a Solar Eclipse on Solar Panels

The solar eclipse 2015 provided an acid test for a continent that has placed a big bet on renewable energy—but whose aging electricity grids could buckle under the strain of a sudden drop in solar power. This is the effect … Continue reading

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Plugwise DIY monitoring PHP

I bought myself a Plugwise system. The reason for this is that I can monitor my total power-usage, but I cannot see the details. I.e. : What is my refrigerator using? What is the freezer using? I can only see … Continue reading

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DIY monitor for Smartmeter

It has been a while since my last post. But I have been working on something I waited for so long. I have a real smart-meter (instead of my previous Iskra ME162  digital meter that has no I/O ports that … Continue reading

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PHP Solarpanel monitoring via Rasperry PI

As promised some time ago here is the post explaining how I use my Raspberry PI to monitor my SolarPanel Output. I use PHP for this mather. When I bought my solar panels back in november 2012, I knew that … Continue reading

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2013 , A good year for Solar panel owners

2013 was, i want to believe, a good year for the my Solar panels (2750kw) . The year brought a lot of sun (for Dutch concepts). With a total of 2527.01 kWh and a total run time of 4227.56 hours … Continue reading

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