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2 Responses to Donate

  1. george says:

    ref earthquake monitor.

    I am still on v1.4 which I think no longer works, did the data source change?

    I see you now have v1.5 but the most important feature (the filter!) is not there.
    I really need to only display Japan earthquakes as there are literally dozens of earthquakes in Japan daily. Can you tell me how to modify v1.4 to get correct data or is it possible to quickly splice the old filter into v1.5??

    Thanks very much for your interesting work (other Rasberyy Pi posts also)



  2. george says:

    ps I tried updating the location of xml feed and pasting into v1.4
    /* Refresh Cache */

    $stringXML = @file_get_contents(‘’.$feed.’.xml’);
    if ($stringXML == FALSE) {

    but didnt work

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