PHP Solarpanel monitoring via Rasperry PI

Mastervolt with Raspberry PIAs promised some time ago here is the post explaining how I use my Raspberry PI to monitor my SolarPanel Output. I use PHP for this mather.

When I bought my solar panels back in november 2012, I knew that i wanted a Raspberry to communicate with the Solar inverter and read out the values to store them in a database. My preferred language to use was PHP. I will show you how I did this.

First a summary of the equipment I used :

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DVB-T Fun with a Raspberry PI – Weatherstations (Part 3)

Welcome back to part 3 already with DVB-T Fun with a Raspberry PI. In this part I will show you how you can profit from receiving all the data of your neighbors fancy wireless weather station data and use it for your own benefits.


Weatherstations with wireless sensors are very common and cheap now-a-days. Prices vary from 80 euro to a few hundred euros. What most of them have in common is the use of the LPD433 (Low Power Device 433 MHz) or unlicensed ISM band/SRD bandfrequency to transmit the data on air. (Among with wireless doorbells, cheap wireless alarms, car key-locks e.t.c…)
The maximum transmission power for these devices is 10mW max. This will cause you will be receiving only weather stations that are in your direct vicinity (depending on your antenna set-up of course)

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DVB-T Fun with a Raspberry PI – Airtraffic (Part 2)

Hello and welcome back! Part 2 of the series “Fun with Raspberry and DVB-T”airtraffic

In this series we are going to use our previous setup to receive aircraft information with dump1090 . What aircraft is flying where? What altitude? Where is it heading to? All this information from the airplanes near the reach of your antenna can be grabbed from the air (1090Mhz) .. and all this with your little Raspberry and a cheap DVB-T Dongle.



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DVB-T Fun with a Raspberry PI – Playing Radio with Linux (Part 1)

In this chapter : Playing Radio with a Raspberry PI and a DVB-T Dongle.

You have probably heard about the cheap little USB Dongles made to receive digital Television and / or radio. They come in many shapes and forms (and prices) but you can find some cheap ones around the net. You can score one for around 10 € easy on ebay.

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2013 , A good year for Solar panel owners

2013 was, i want to believe, a good year for the my Solar panels (2750kw) . The year brought a lot of sun (for Dutch concepts). With a total of 2527.01 kWh and a total run time of 4227.56 hours I saved an equivalency of 200 gallons (757 litre) of gasoline, 1.5 Acre of forest and 0.668 tons of waste sent to the landfill.


More about my solar panels and  how I read out the statistics from my inverter in a later blog. If you have any questions already you would like to see answered, let me know.

And, may 2014 be even more productive 🙂

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Expanding and upgrade my storage on Synology to Raid 1 (Part 2)

I promised to come back to the 2nd part of my post. After the checking of the consitency was done I expected to do 1 more step, expanding the drive to it’s full capacity. So when I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was checking my precious disks.

Big was my surprise that the Synology DSM software already decided to use the full capacity of the disks. So, tadaa.. Fully mirror RAID 1 and 4TB (3,6TB effective) for my movies and stuff. I love it.



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Expanding and upgrade my storage on Synology to Raid 1 (Part 1)

Synology 1512+

Synology 1512+

I have a Synology 1512+ which is doing it’s job perfectly for my needs. Let me explain what was my situation and how it’s now (and how I did it) .. just in case whenever you cross the same situation.

The Synology 1512+ is a 5 bay diskstation running Linux as base. On top of that OS Synology made it’s own “Disk station Manager” called DSM. All these actions where performed with DSM v4.3.3810 Update 3. Any older version of DSM might not have the functions I described and used or might not recognize the new disks of this size.

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Happy 2014 for everyone

I wish everyone a healthy,fun and great 2014 where you learn a lot of new things and perhaps make some dreams come true!



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Earthquake Monitor V1.5 released

After a long silence (sorry for that) V1.5 of the wordpress Earthquake monitor is released. Some code changes are done to be compliant with the U.S. Geological Surveys data feed. Please check it out if you want it. Feearthquakeel free to request new features or to report bugs. I will try to do my best to make it work.

Link to the plugin :





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