The effect of a Solar Eclipse on Solar Panels

The solar eclipse 2015 provided an acid test for a continent that has placed a big bet on renewable energy—but whose aging electricity grids could buckle under the strain of a sudden drop in solar power.

This is the effect measured on my own solar panels during the eclipse. While (due to clouds) barely visible to the naked eye, the production during the eclipse dropped dramatically.

During the eclipse on it’s max (10h30 till 10h40) the generated power dropped to 8 watt.


You can view the full stats here.


PHP Solarpanel monitoring via Rasperry PI

Mastervolt with Raspberry PIAs promised some time ago here is the post explaining how I use my Raspberry PI to monitor my SolarPanel Output. I use PHP for this mather.

When I bought my solar panels back in november 2012, I knew that i wanted a Raspberry to communicate with the Solar inverter and read out the values to store them in a database. My preferred language to use was PHP. I will show you how I did this.

First a summary of the equipment I used :

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2013 , A good year for Solar panel owners

2013 was, i want to believe, a good year for the my Solar panels (2750kw) . The year brought a lot of sun (for Dutch concepts). With a total of 2527.01 kWh and a total run time of 4227.56 hours I saved an equivalency of 200 gallons (757 litre) of gasoline, 1.5 Acre of forest and 0.668 tons of waste sent to the landfill.


More about my solar panels and  how I read out the statistics from my inverter in a later blog. If you have any questions already you would like to see answered, let me know.

And, may 2014 be even more productive 🙂